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Event Date:
Monday, November 13, 2017
Event Date:
08:00 - 14:00
Event Location:
HaMea VeEsrim St 6, Rishon LeTsiyon, Israel
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ICS CyberSec 2017

The International Conference on Cybersecurity for Industrial Control Systems

ICS CyberSec 2017 will be an industry defining event, bringing together the major players and innovators in Cybersecurity for Industrial Control Systems (ICS), Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP). This year we will focus on the latest cyber threats and security assessment and the most advanced cyber defense solutions.
The conference will bring together 700-1000 attendees, including: The leading Israeli companies providing solutions for ICS-Cybersecurity, the fastest growing startups in the field and potential customers from electricty, oil and gas, water, chemical transportation, communication and other industries which due to update changes to regulation in Israel are planning technological upgrade and deployment of cyber defense solutions.


דניאל ארנרייך
דניאל ארנרייך
ICS Cybersec 2022 יו"ר כנס ,SCCE
Alberto "Deto"  Hasson
Alberto "Deto" Hasson
Head of the Israeli CERT, National Cyber Security Authority
Mati  Epstein
Mati Epstein
Lead Sales Manager, Critical Infrastructure
Checkpoint ישראל
Ory  Schein
Ory Schein
Head of Security & Cyber Emergency, Energy & Water Resources
Yishai  Shafran
Yishai Shafran
SCADA Cyber Security Department Manager,Yanai
Gilad  Bandel
Gilad Bandel
VP Products
Danny  Lacker
Danny Lacker
Head of the water Security and Emergency Division
Water Authority
Gabriel   Mazooz
Gabriel Mazooz
Cyber security Manager, Energy Group
David  Doggett
David Doggett
Senior Director Cybersecurity Innovation and Technology Industry Business
Schneider Electric
Mr. Alexandre Bonay
Mr. Alexandre Bonay
Innovative Technologies Developer Siemens
Gilad   Zinger
Gilad Zinger
Group Leader Cyber Security
Sdema Group
Tsvi  Lev
Tsvi Lev
General Manager of IRC (Israel Research Center)
NEC corporation of America
Yigal  Goweta
Yigal Goweta
Rachel  Rosenmann
Rachel Rosenmann
Waterfall Security Solutions
Eran  Goldstein
Eran Goldstein



Registration & Breakfast


Key Principles of ICS Cyber defense
דניאל ארנרייך


Joint efforts of the National Cyber Security Authority and the Ministry of Energy against cyber-attacks targeting industrial control systems
Alberto "Deto"  Hasson
Ory  Schein


An overview of Schneider Electric security capabilities
David  Doggett


No More Cyber War
Hertzel  Ozer


Cyber Threats and Protections in ICS environment
Mati  Epstein


Industrial Security - Protecting Productivity
Mr. Alexandre Bonay


Integrating IT and OT Cyber Defense – the NEC approach
Tsvi  Lev


The Next Scene of Terror – Cyber Attacks on Skyscrapers
Gilad   Zinger


Leveraging Services to ensure ICS security
Gilad  Bandel
Yishai  Shafran


Coffee Break


Cyber security Drills for Power Utilities
Gabriel   Mazooz


Threats to the water sector, Coping and Prevention
Danny  Lacker


Panel Of Experts - Critical Infrastructure Cyber Defense
Yigal  Goweta
Rachel  Rosenmann
Eran  Goldstein
דניאל ארנרייך
Yochai Corem
Shai Shoval




Registration is closed for this event. See you at our future events!

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